Shipping Policy

Items from paid orders or invoices will be mailed on the following Monday or Tuesday. If you are in need of expedited shipping, please let us know. Additional shipping charges may apply.

Shipping charges are based on the number of items in your order.

1 to 4 Items - $4.50

5 to 10 Items - $6.50

11 to 19 Items - $8.50

20 or More Items - $10.50

Return Policy

If an item is broken when you receive it, please contact us no later than 3 days after the item was delivered. Send a picture of the broken item to and we will guide you on how to fix it. If the item cannot be fixed, you will be issued a credit for a free item of the same price. If the originally ordered item is still in stock, it will be sent it to you. If the item is no longer in stock, you may pick from any in stock item of the same price.